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Search and Social Teaser

Video Description

It’s all about location, location, location. Most people don’t look past the ‘golden triangle’ in search engine results. Make sure your dealership is coming out on top!

Video Transcript

Naked Lime Search and Social Teaser

(Video description: “This video is visual with music and sound effects only. There is no one speaking.”)

(Video: Buildings are next to one another. Doughnut Shoppe, Weight Loss Centre. Nice houses, old run-down houses, some windows with boards on them, paint peeling. DayCare Centre, Gentlemen’s Club. The words ‘It’s all about Location, Location, Location’ appear and changes into the words ‘Most people don’t look inside the “golden triangle” on Google.’

Next is an illustration of a Google search page with a triangle in gold colour indicating the prime location listing to get noticed. The stack of phrases in bold which are the location listings are Get on Top. Under that is Get Noticed and further down is Are You Being Seen? Pointing out the value of the golden triangle location on the search page. Then these phrases appear enlarged one at a time: Are you being seen? – Get Noticed – Get on Top.)

The Naked Lime logo appears and fills the page. The logo has a swirl of a peel of a lime between the words Naked and Lime. The words “with a twist” is under it and to the left of it appearing one letter at a time spelling the words search and social. The i in lime is dotted.)

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