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Two Rivers Ford Testimonial

Video Description

Ford dealership saw growth throughout their store using Naked Lime Marketing.

Video Transcript

Naked Lime Two Rivers Ford Testimonial (Video description: “Two Rivers Ford”) (Video: There are cars on an auto dealer’s lot and then the Two Rivers Ford sign appears. A person is walking in the car lot.) [Audio of a man’s voice: Over the twenty years I’ve been doing this I’m always told don’t worry.) (Video: An image of a man appears and he is standing in the new car show room. He begins talking. He is Joel Hawley, Sales and Marketing Manager of Two Rivers Ford.] [Audio of Joel Hawley: Our customer service is bar none number one and over the years I’ve kind of learned to take that with a grain of salt because in ninety-nine percent of the time it’s not true. With Naked Lime you’re the one percent. I’ve never worked with such professional people. ] (Video: Now there are various areas of the dealership and an image of a sign of Two Rivers Ford. Joel Hawley appears again.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: Every department has gone up.] (Video: The words Every Department Has Gone Up appears.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: Our sales department has gone up. (Video: People are looking at a car on the dealership’s lot.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: Our social media’s gone up. ] (Video: There are images of the logos for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: Our service department’s gone up.] (Video: A car is in the service department. Technicians are working on a car.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: Our page views have gone up. You can’t put into words how much easier it’s made my job.] (Video: Here is Luke Davis, Used Car Manager.) [Audio of Luke Davis: We see the results first hand because we’re here with the customer and enjoying the success of those results.] (Video: A service advisor greets a customer as she is getting out of her car and they have a conversation. The image changes to Luke Davis.) [Audio of Luke Davis: The thing that surprises me is that everybody doesn’t use Naked Lime because it’s so successful. We’re glad everybody doesn’t. (Chuckles) Our job would be harder.] (Video: Images change to the dealership’s front door and other departments. Then Joe Hawley is standing in the new car showroom.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: The page views on our Website have grown over nine percent in six months consecutive so that’s a fifty-four percent growth over the last six months.] (Video: There is a sign which says Best Ford Dealership Two Rivers Ford.) [Audio of Joel Hawley: With Naked Lime’s help we were able to go from three or four hundred Facebook followers to this morning almost thirteen hundred. They’re asking questions, hey, when’s that car going to be there? Is that car on your lot? We’ve gotten numerous appointments in sales off of Facebook. ] (Video: Various departments of the dealership are shown and here’s Chris Taylor, Service Director.) [Audio of Chris Taylor: We’ve seen an increase of almost forty thousand dollars per month, I mean revenue, it’s just unbelievable.] (Video: Joel Hawley is shown and begins speaking) (Audio of Joel Hawley: Until you work with a professional you just won’t believe the results you can get.) [Video: Words emerge. Naked Lime Services for the Dealer which turns into icons depicting and labeled Advertising, Reputation Management, Mobile, SEO, Social and Web. Under that it reads Protect Your Customers – Get more of Theirs. Then it changes to the Naked Lime logo and the “i” in lime is dotted.]

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