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ZMOT Infographic Video

Video Description

The auto industry has changed. Technology has changed. Car buyers have changed. Is your dealership still the same?

Video Transcript

Naked Lime ZMOT Infographic Video (Video description: “This video is a fast-paced visual with music and sound effects. No one is speaking.”) (Video: Words begin appearing. Our world is changing. Under it appears the words More Customers and Fewer Dealerships. More Customers slides to the left and Fewer Dealerships slides to the right. Bar graphs are added above them. The bar graph above More Customers is shown with increasing bars and a Fewer Dealerships there are decreasing bars. Our World is Changing appears between them and an outline of the world is shown behind the entire image. The image changes to an arrow pointing up and to the left of it are dollar signs increasing in size. The arrow point to the words Are you getting your fair share? The dollar signs get larger and a banner says: More sales do not equal your fair share. The banner changes to words: Consumers have changed. Underneath it in large letters are Z.M.O.T. and under that are the words Zero Moment of Truth. A descriptive line appears pointing to the Zero Moment of Truth saying The ZMOT is a new step in how we shop. Words are added under this: This is when the consumer Researches, Seeks Alternatives, Reads Reviews, Comparison Shops, Looks for Coupons and Specials. Now there’s an illustration of a person with the words Today’s Car Buyer and of a Wi-Fi tower with words Pre-Market, a key with words In-Market and a car with words Post-Market. Z.M.O.T. then appears in the middle. Under the illustration the words A New Step in the Buying Process appear. These words morph into illustrations of communication devices such as a computer, T.V., iPad, smart phone. Lines go from each of these to a cloud with logos of the various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Yahoo, and others. A banner with the words Consumers have unlimited access to information appears. Silhouettes of a man and a woman with the words Today’s Consumers. This becomes an image with an hour glass, the number nineteen and the words Hours spent on average buying a new vehicle. The words seven out of eight purchasing influences occur online are added. This image turns into images of the way consumers acquire information such as television, newspapers, smart phones, computers, mailings and included are the words eighteen point two sources influence the decisions shoppers make along the way. Then come the words one point six dealerships on average visited by today’s consumer. Now there’s an image of cars and two people shaking hands with the words sixty-nine percent of shoppers first contact you before going. This image turns into the words Consumers are constantly seeking information all day, every day. So you must be everywhere. Now there’s a steering wheel with icons around it, each one with words: Right Offer, Right Message, Right time, Right Channel, Right Person with a banner appearing Get Back in the Driver’s Seat. This spins into the word How? The words Your Dealers with Your Naked Lime Dealership Consultant appears and multiple lines from that indicate a team of professionals ready to assist with Advertising, Marketing, SEO, Social, Mobile, Web. A banner with the words We Use a Data-Driven Strategy… to drive all actions. (Exclusive Market Data). The words Naked Lime Services and then the words for the Dealer. Protect Your Customers. Get More of Theirs. These words disappear and under the banner Naked Lime Services are icons with the words Advertising, Reputation Management, Mobile, SEO, Social, Web. A curtain is closed on the screen and when it opens the Naked Lime logo appears. It has the word naked then a curl of a narrow strip of a lime peel in the shape of a lime followed by the word lime. The letter eye in lime is dotted.)

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